Our Services

SPS Services

  • Personalised timesheet designed to suit your business
  • payroll calculation and processing ( includes overtime, penalties, allowances, bonuses, tax. etc)
  • split pays over multiple departments
  • unlimited classification descriptions to cover employees under federal awards
  • unlimited payroll deductions available
  • superannuation and salary sacrifice calculation ( and remittance if required )
  • calculation of entitlements for annual, sick long service leave and rostered days off
  • electronic funds transfer (EFT) into employees nominated bank accounts ( includes eft to multiple bank accounts)
  • delivery to all areas
  • electronic reporting of PAYG Witholding Tax and Pay Summaries
  • consulting on personnel and other related payroll matters



  • SPS will provide and design a wide range of reports to meet specific client requirements whilst meeting the legal document retention needs.
  • Listed below are just some of the most frequently provided reports :-
  • concealed payslips
  • pay audit – employee payroll calculation details
  • eft – details payments to employees bank accounts
  • entitlements – up to date annual, sick, long service leave and rostered days off  per employee by hours and value
  • superannuation – including SG, salary sacrifice and employee contributions  per fund
  • employee details – contains all personal information including employment status, etc
  • payroll summary – to assist with BAS & IAS completion
  • pay summaries – on termination and full set at year end